The first generation of herbalists – Alfiega institute

The first generation of herbalists

The first generation of herbalists with the ALFIEGA Institute Certificate.

In partnership with the Centre for continuous medical education Academica integrativa, association Quanttes, ALFIEGA Institute, certificates of knowledge and skills acquired through phytotherapy course, which can be used for the purpose of preservation and improvement of the quality of life, have been awarded to the first generation of students (the class of 2016/17).

Planning and program of the training course have been designed based on the alfiego concept.
The synthesis of data from the Institute for Nature Protection, which issues permits for the collection of certain plant species, major purchase centers of medicinal herbs, large collectors and breeders, and on the basis of data on exports and other relevant data, it has been estimated that in Serbia at least 5000 tons of dried plants (herbal drugs) are collected from the nature, and at least the same amount of cultivated medicinal herbs are being produced. Everything that is picked and processed in this way is completed in companies that produce medicines, dietary products, or food (beverages). Therefore, the vocational education of the personnel who have been doing this business for years is absolutely necessary.

During the preparation of the plan and program, we used the recommendations of Prof. Vladimir Fedorovic Korsun, Russian academician, professor of traditional medicine, long-term director of the Moscow Institute of Phytotherapy, and the assistant professor Korsun Elene Vladimirovna, head of the Department of Phytotherapy, Institute for Eastern Medicine, RUDN.


Team of the Institute’s experts:

Prim Dr. Zoran Nikolic, manager and leader of the theoretical part of the education.

Dr. sc Nada Petrovic, and Dr. sc Slobodan Petrovic, managers and leaders of the practical of the laboratory practical teaching.

Prof Nebojsa Menkovic and mr ph Slavoljub Tasic, managers and leaders of fieldwork dedicated to medicinal herbs.

Dr Radmila Lukovic and Radenko Lazic, managers and leaders of fieldwork for herbalism group- dedicated to self-breeding plants, have adapted this program for the meadow breeding profession.


The basic idea is to establish the relationships between phytotherapists, health workers, to whom the 2005 Law on Health Care gave the opportunity to engage in phytotherapy, the traditional method of diagnosis and therapy, within the framework of their formal profession, and herbalists, expertly trained personnel who are first to come in contact with medicinal herbs.

This education comes from the collaboration of Centre for continuous medical education Accademica Integrativa, Quanttes association and our ALFIEGA Institute.