ABOUT – Alfiega institute



At the moment, studying and specialization on the field of alternative/traditional/complementary medicine and its treatment, is only (partially) available within continuous medical education (CME), intended for medical workers (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and medical technicians) as a form of postgraduate specialization. Medical workers can use their acquired knowledge and skills for diagnosis and therapy.

During more than ten years of organizing CME, a necessity for forming educational professions in the area of alternative treatments emerged, whose main goal is to preserve and improve the quality of life.

The purpose of ALFIEGA Institute is professionalization and establishment of the profession of alternative practitioners, built on specialized education.

Based on the Classification of professions (Federal Bureau of Statistics, 2011), Classification of activities (Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, 2010) and International classification of goods and services (Zenan classification), ALFIEGA Institute develops educational programs for students who do not have formal education in medicine.

The contemporary society and the outlook of further development impose the need of an extremely flexible educational system of the adults. Accomplishments of science, informational technologies, multicultural and multidisciplinary approach, require continuous education using a slightly different method. Being in step with time means accepting the changes through the quick adjustment system.

Informal education of the adults is accepted as part of lifelong learning programme. It not only allows the educational system to appropriately adjust to the needs of labor and market, but also to adjust to the needs of individuals and the community. The requirement of specific professions and skills depend on the changes and current needs of the economy and market.

ALFIEGA Institute, as a Centre for informal education of adults, has been formed in 2016 (form APR- number BD 16511/2016, since 01.03.2016.).

The purpose of all our programs is to develop self-consciousness on basic postulates of preservation and improvement of the quality of one’s life, as well as the life of others. Being an active participant in the contemporary society means being involved in healthy-active learning through the development of self-respect, adaptability, tolerance and self-discipline, as well as acquiring knowledge and skills which would allow sustainability and growth not only of an individual, but also of the family and society in whole.

Using the long-term experience in this area, we have formed a special concept of education- alfiego concept with a personal hallmark, secured through the Intellectual Property Office (registration number 71827).



L-lekovita (English- curatively)

Fi-zlatni presek (English- the golden ratio)

E-edukativna (English-educational)

G-globalna (English-global)

A-akcija (English- action)       or

ALPH(A)- (OM)EGA in the finding of the golden ratio Φ- harmony with oneself, others and the nature.


The work of the institute is regulated by:

  1. Decision on the establishment of the company ALFIEGA Institute- Center for the informal education of adults, doo, Belgrade.
  2. Rules of procedure of the ALFIEGA Institute
  3. Rulebook on the implementation of education within the ALFIEGA Institute
  4. Rules of procedure of the group leader experts.


Legal representative and CEO of the Institute: dr Slavica Arandjelovic

Vocational groups:

I.Group for herbalism, meadow and fungus breed:

Prim dr Zoran Nikolić, manager and leader of the theoretical part of the education;
Dr sc Nada Petrović  and dr sc Slobodan Petrović, managers and leaders of the laboratory practical teaching;
Dr Radmila Luković and Radenko Lazić, managers and leaders of fieldwork dedicated to self-breeding plants (for the herbalism group).

II.Group for traditional and new alternative treatments:

Dr Ana Žikić
Prim dr Ivan Grgić
Dr Ljudmila Vukosavljević

III.Group for quantum-information treatments (apparatus and non-apparatus):

Prof dr sci Ljubo Ristovski
Mr dr sc Tatjana Mišić
Spec dr Dragana Mihajlović

IV.Group for holistic counselors:

Dr Svetlana Mitoševć
Dr Ana Trifunović
Damir Pejin, homeopathic
Mr ph Lejla Ljubenković

Professional bodies:

  1. Council of the vocational groups’ leaders:
  2. Prim dr Zoran Nikolić : Group for herbalism, meadow and fungus breeding
  3. Dr Ana Žikić, Group for traditional and new alternative treatments
  4. Prof Ljubo Ristovski: Group for quantum-information treatments (apparatus and non-apparatus)
  5. Dr Svetlana Mitošević: Group for holistic counselors