ALFIEGA CONCEPT – Alfiega institute


The basic requirements on which education and the formation of professional staff in the field of alternative medicine and alternative treatments are based, include the following:

– Professional competence (practical application of knowledge and skills) in the field of traditional treatments and new, holistic approaches (in alternative medicine and alternative treatments).

– Self-sustainability (moral-ethical-legal-economic basis for accomplishing independent activity).

– Multiple holism.

– Self-emission- work on oneself.

– Salutogenesis.

Using these starting bases for the development of education programs, the ALFIEGA Institute has developed a special and unique concept of education programs, protected at the Intellectual Property Office (registration number 71827-CLICK ON THE SCENARIATED DOCUMENT), called the alfiego concept. Logo of the concept will be a component of all documents issued by the ALFIEGA Institute. The Center for Continuing Medical Education, Accademia Integrativa, Quanttes association, has adopted the alfiego concept and has acquired the right to put alfiego concept’s hallmark on all its documents.


ZeSHaes/ Health Resort (Serbian-Zdraviliste)Self-Evolution (Serbian: Samoevolucia)HolismSalutogenesis

The basic principles of the alfiego concept are: holism-self evolution-salutogenesis.

I.The Alfiego concept develops the principle of multiple holism and interaction.

The term holism was introduced by Jen Smuts (1870 – 1950) in the book -Holism and Evolution – (London, 1926). He defined holism as the theory that the whole (holos in Greek – whole) is more than the sum of its constituent parts. In alternative medicine, holism is defined as a comprehensive approach in which man is regarded as the unity of body, soul, and spirit.

In recent years, the term has entered into everyday use and there is almost no area in which it is not mentioned. The term is especially popular when it comes to man, his stable condition (state of health), or metastable condition (state of the illness). It is used in clinics, spa and wellness centers, fitness centers, counseling centers, neurolinguistic programs, etc.


The unity of the body, the soul, and the spirit is repeated like a mantra! Let’s try to reach that unity! Perhaps this comparison will be simple:

Our spirit is the architect of our body, you have, most certainly, heard the “story” that the particle of God, the sacred spirit… or the program of our existence, descend from the Universe’s matrix in the 14th week of our intrauterine life!
It could be argued that our spirit is the architect of our existence (the sacred particle of the existence of the Universe, the Creator, God…); its material projections (of the plan/model) in the given intersection of spa e and time. Our soul is the builder of our existence; its material projections (of the plan, models) in a given intersection of space and time.

Our soul is the builder of of our existence.

Our body is a physical force.

It is the result of a holistic approach of the spirit, the soul and our own work. Whether the original conception of the inhabitancy of our spirit (as part of the Creator’s thoughts) will be strong, firm and unique, depends on what emotional material our soul will use and what kind of a substrate material our physical body will use!

According to its original matrix, our material body, as a joint work of the architect (spirit) and the builder (soul), is almighty and indestructible until the moment when our spirit extends beyond the cyclical movement of immortality, enriched or depleted by the architectural skills of our soul, and the physical work of our body.

From this point of view, the story of eternal life in one section of space and time is meaningless; the wheel of the cosmic homeokinesis – the continuous, stable movement of the Universe – would stop!

To return to our future alfiego practitioner and alfiego advisor, human being, microcosm, and its contribution in the fractal organization of all existing.

Thus, the alfiego expert endorses:

I.Multiple interactive holism:

– the essentiality of one’s own holistic knowledge of therapist-practitioner / cognition of the unity of the body-soul and spirit /

– a holistic approach towards the user of his assistance / the realization that the user is regarded as the unity of his body-soul and spirit /

– a holistic approach towards Nature (Planet Earth) and the Cosmos / energy of space and time; energy of everything that is living and inanimate /; knowledge of the unity of Man-Nature and the Cosmos.

Multiple holism is a system consisting of several holistic entities, which are characterized by their own identity / self-identity and interaction with each other.

The holistic system of the therapist-practitioner interacts with the holistic system of the users of his assistance, and both systems, together and separately, interact with the holistic system of Nature (of the Planet Earth) and the Cosmos.

II.Cognition of one’s own holism, the holism of the users, the holism of the Earth and the Cosmos, and their permeation and interaction is being fostered and developed by the methods-tools that guide the programs of work on oneself through self-awareness and self-control.

The Alfiego expert develops and establishes the processes of understanding the unity of one’s own body-soul and spirit. He also develops and establishes the cognition of the unity of the body-spirit and the soul of others. He develops and establishes the knowledge of the holistic nature of the Earth and the Cosmos and the permeation between them. He develops and establishes cognition of his own participation in fractal and holistic organization and the structure of universal existence.

He is a part of a whole, the holistic system, which enables him sustainability and to which he enables sustainability.

The Alfiego expert refreshes, adopts, develops and establishes the alfiego concept: he loves and respects himself, others, the Nature, planet Earth, and Cosmos. He forms and upgrades the Universal Holism of Existence.

According to its original matrix of existence, an alfiego user, the alfiego expert, the planet Earth and the Cosmos dispose with the resources / fields of health

III.Alfiego concept develops the principle of salutogenesis; ways of cognition of the source / field of one’s own health, the health of others, as well as the health of the Nature and the Cosmos.


Alfiego concept develops tools / methods of preserving, deepening and spreading the sources / fields of health.

The Alfiego concept develops in a spatial / temporal environment that we call health resorts.