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Self-seeding edible plants

If we would only know how generous the Nature to our beautiful country is, no one would ever be hungry in Serbia!


Sremus association, led by Mr. Radenko Lazic, has been introducing over the years the importance of self-seeding plants to both younger and older generations!

During the first year of our partnership, we visited the lake in Barajevo. The majority of the students didn’t even know that this lake existed (which is only 10 kilometers away from Belgrade!). It seemed almost funny that it would be possible to find self-seeding plants within the two square meters of land next to the lake.

Radenko then pulled out a small root from the ground, cleaned it and gave it to us to try it. At first, we tasted it with a bit of disapproval, however, the feeling of disbelief replaced our former sense. The root tasted and smelled like pepper!

Is it possible that we import this commonly used spice?

The gathering of a small, but specially chosen group. Discussing the plan before going to fieldwork. It is important to know who the leader is!

Multiple hours of healthy hiking!

And afterwards… Afterwards we enjoyed food specialties at ethno household of the Lazovic family!

Under the supervision of the experts, Dr. Rada and other members of Sremus, a table full of magnificent dishes was served, which could easily be served to the most demanding clientele at the most famous hotels. More than 20 different meals (spreads, pies, soups, desserts, and Serbian national dishes such as sarma and tursija), and drinks (juices, rakija…) were made from self-seeding plants! Heaven on Earth!

At the end, dancing kolo (Serbian national dance) to the sound of fife, Serbian national instrument.