Fieldwork – Divcibare – Alfiega institute

Fieldwork – Divcibare

Future phytotherapists and herbalists have visited the beautiful hillsides of Divcibare this year, as well.

A lot of medicinal herbs have been found there!

They used the opportunity to visit the historical sites, too.


Milos Obrenovic memorial in Gornja Dobrinja village is located in the foothill of the mountain Maljen, 20 km north from the town of Pozega, in western Serbia. This complex consists of a church dedicated to Saint Apostles Petar and Pavle, a belfry, and a monument devoted to Milos Obrenovic. Furthermore, the memorial complex also includes Milos’s chardak (chardak is a form of an old wooden house, which was very common in the Balkan region), kept in a very good shape over the years. Milos’s chardak has a steep roof covered in shingle, and consists of one small room. Milos built this chardak in 1860, as an endowment to his father, Todor. This unusual building is a valuable monument to the national architecture. Its primary purpose was to host Milos and his guests during church councils and other ceremonies. The lower part of this building is a fountain with cold, drinking water. Monument dedicated to Milos Obrenovic is located east from chardak.

… Listening to unusual sounds for our region (Vuk Nikolic is playing the instrument…)

… Smelling the natural formic acid, while putting the hand on a big anthill…


… And passing underneath the rainbow!


We used the opportunity to give thank-you notes to the owner of the hotel, Miss Mica…

Recommendations of quantum medicine Center Accademica Integrativa have been gladly accepted. We witnessed the hospitality of good hosts, owners and staff at the Jela Hotel in Jezevica.

Let’s have some fun

And say goodbyes until next year…

Could the educational system in Serbia work similarly to the one in England, perhaps? We say yes!

Could something like that be accomplished based on the personal initiative of a small group or even an enthusiastic individual? Yes!

Does something like that necessarily have to be expensive or available only to privileged individuals? We say no!

Visit the Agricultural High School at Valjevo and see for yourself!