There is no country, nation, or a community in which treatment procedures that we now call alternative / traditional / complementary medicine are not applied. Somewhere, they are legally approved. Somewhere, they are part of a tradition.

Ever since the beginning of time, man used herbs, visited holy places; a mother would put her hand on a sick stomach or the hot head of her child.

Knowledge and experience, among some nations, were transferred through written legacy (Chinese traditional medicine, Ayurveda  …). Others have lost these precious writings during the centuries of migration, and orally passed the wisdom of healing from one generation to another.

Tradition also tells us that every conqueror, who took over Serbian lands, arrogated old writings with instructions for healing and preservation of health. Oral lessons could not be arrogated, however, used somewhere, at some time. Mostly forgotten!

Today’s medicine, which we call Western, conventional, has a very short history, which dates perhaps a bit more than two hundred years ago. Herbalism has become pharmacotherapy, while it has been trying to give the answer to the question HOW 37 TRILLION cells of our organism perform, no more no less but 27 sequential functions in one second (sextilion is the number with 21 nulls!) to different machines, apparatuses and software.

Great responsibility has been given to such imperfect artificial structures towards the material-energy complex of our body- perfect, sophisticated cybernetic system; a unique and unrepeatable material-informational set!

Therefore, slowly, but surely, we are going back to oblivion. We are recalling the knowledge of our ancestors. Enriched by new scientific knowledge, primarily in quantum physics, alternative medicine attempts to answer WHY trillion cells perform a sextile function in the order that explains the answer to the question HOW!

Alternative medicine studies LIFE as a separate entity, which differs from molecular, atomic and nuclear, but which, in this space-time cross section, is inseparable from these three scales of existence.

A complementary, integrative approach to alternative and conventional medicine is inevitable in order to overcome the shortcomings of both directions and to create conditions for the foundation and development of arts healing (ars medicine).


Law on Health Care of Serbia from 2005 has introduced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of alternative medicine into legal practice. The basis for the implementation of this field has been based on the regulations from 2007.

The Center for Continuing Medical Education Accademia Integrativa and Professional Association Quanttes, have been organizing seminars, courses and practical training in the field of alternative medicine almost for the past decade. In cooperation with the Serbian Medical Association and reference centers in the country and abroad, we organize schools of quantum medicine, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, spiritual-energy medicine, homeopathy … All programs are accredited by the Health Council of Serbia, the highest accreditation body for continuous medical education.

Education is divided into levels-modules. The mandatory module includes the basis of acupuncture, since most of the contemporary methods of alternative medicine relies on knowledge of acupunctural channels and spots. This module also provides the possibility for further training within the clinical application of acupuncture and traditional Chinese techniques (cupping and gusha).

After all levels of education required for a particular method have been completed, the participant will be registered in the Register of Practitioners of the Association. Health workers, upon their entry in the Register, can submit a request for obtaining a license to the Ministry of Health.



This is a multidisciplinary area; it requires a mix of medicine, physics, biophysics, information technology … and, above all, philosophy in order to understand the link between metaphysics and the currently adopted scientific concept.

This area provides unsuspected opportunities, not only in diagnostics and therapy, but primarily in preserving and improving the quality of life. The area of ​​ideal prevention, which should be available to every person whose own health ‘has nothing to do’!

An attempt to understand the philosophy of LIFE imposes new approaches and relationships of therapists-paratroopers towards the user of his services, and above all, towards himself.

There is a need to create new profiles of practitioners who, during vocational education, will recognize the levels of their own competence, which will lead them to cooperate with health workers during the moment of recognizing the transition of a stable condition (state of health) into a metastable condition (state of disease).

In order to meet these requirements, the Center for Informal Education of Adults, ALFIEGA Institute, has been established.

In order to accelerate the realization of our visions, both Alfiega Institute and Accademia Integrativa have consolidated their activities within the General Association for Alternative Medicine and Alternative Treatments ALTERA, through the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The ALFIEGA Institute and Accademia Integrativa have adopted the alfiego concept of education and practical application of knowledge and skills (protected by the Intellectual Property Office) and acquired the right to put the alfiego concept hallmark on their certificates.

The basic principles of the alfiego concept are: holism – self-evolution – salutogenesis.

The alfiego concept develops the principle of multiple holism and interaction.

The Alfiego therapist-practitioner develops and establishes the processes of knowing the unity of one’s own body-soul and spirit. He develops and establishes the knowledge of the unity of the body-spirit and the soul of others. He develops and establishes the knowledge of the holistic nature of the Earth and the Cosmos and their interaction. He develops and establishes a knowledge of his own participation in fractal and holistic organization and the structure of universal existence.

He is a part of a whole, a holistic system, which enables him to sustainability and to which he enables sustainability.

Alfiego practitioner adopts, develops and establishes the alfiego concept: he loves and respects himself, others, the Nature, the planet Earth, and the Cosmos. He builds and upgrades the Universal Holism of Existence.

According to its original matrix, the alfiego practitioner, its user, the planet Earth and the Cosmos dispose with of the resources / fields of health.

The alfiego concept develops the principle of salutogenesis; ways of cognition of the source / field of one’s own health, the health of others, the Nature and the Cosmos.

The alfiego concept develops tools / methods of preserving, deepening and spreading the source/ fields of health.

The Alfiego concept develops in a spatial / temporal environment which we call the health resorts.



One of the possible health resorts are also the energy fields in the village of Drenajići, in the Valjevo district. And as it usually happens, “the hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes” (Goethe), so we have only recently discovered that the Drenajici site is a unique place in Serbia (according to some, in the entire world) where the value of the magnetic field changes during the day in accordance with the environment, even though the Earth’s magnetic field is calm. From the aspect of today’s science it can be understood that in one place, in comparison to the other one near him, will have twice as much magnetic field value. However, here we encounter variations which are 20 more times bigger! Experts in biomedical engineering believe that this intensity of magnetic field variations in relation to the established magnetic field of the Earth could have a therapeutic effect. This opinion comes from the fact that this value of the magnetic field variation is sufficient to activate the conformational changes of biomolecules (at the quantum level). A strictly controlled biomedical study, planned to be conducted in the near future, will provide an answer on to which extent the geomagnetically active locality in the village of Drenajic is extensively medically effective.

For the time being, only one personal experience remains confirmed professionally: “In August of 2015, using an ultrasound, I was diagnosed that I have pins on the thyroid gland. By 2016, on several occasions and with a 9 months break, I have visited the fields … In the ultra sound in 2016, it was confirmed that the pins on the thyroid gland disappeared … “.


At the awarding of the diplomas to the 2016/17 generation of health workers who have finished the acupuncture school, a guest lecturer, Professor Luquan Chen, head of the acupuncture department at BEIJING TONGREN HOSPITAL, Capital Medical University, has, among other things, also mentioned the thousands of years of experience of Chinese traditional medicine.

Head of the Acupuncture School, Dr Ana Žikić (awarded with a PhD in Chinese Traditional Medicine in Beijing, who has been trained in the field of acupuncture at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA), noted that the first information on acupuncture in Serbia was brought by Dr. Pavlović from Paracin in 1934, after his return from Paris from specialist studies in the ORL. Acupuncture section at the Serbian Medical Association was founded in 1980 on the initiative of academician Antoni Shkhorov, whose team of maxillofacial surgeons at the Military Medical Academy performed many operations using the acupuncture analgesia.

A well-intentioned comparison of the multi-thousand-year-old Chinese experience and several decades of applied Serbian knowledge, imposed a narrative on autochthonous and original cultures in the area of ​​modern Serbia, primarily the culture of Lepenski vir (which is older than 8000 years), Starcev’s culture, Vinca culture (5,000 years BC), and the question on what happened to the legacy of the skill of healing from these ancient cultures.

This is the task for the future generations of alfiego therapists and practitioners!